Nourish & Nurture

Marie’s gift of nourishment comes to you through her one to one personalised living food workshops as well as through her group workshops, half & full pamper days and 3 day Nourish and Nurture Retreats.

With 30 years of training and experience to offer you through her nutrition, diet & disease, chef training as well as through her raw and living foods you are guaranteed to be blown away with fresh ideas.

Marie enjoys culturing and fermenting foods for maximum nutrition and optimum gut health and enjoys sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge.
She has been a regular volunteer in the raw food kitchen and therapy side of the 7 day Hippocrates Europe/ Life Change Program under the Raw Masterclass Director Darren Maguire who is director of this renowned Life changing retreat and attended workshops with some Fermenting gurus such as Sandor Katz Author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, Hans Weiland from the organic centre in Leitrim and Dearbhla Reynolds at The Cultured Club in Belfast.

Marie is an avid promoter of raw and living food and follows a predominately clean diet and a well balanced way of living. She believes in balance and enjoyment of the wondrous range of foods available to us whilst maximising nutrient content in every meal through adding simple and super ideas to each dish you choose.

‘ Gráw Goodness Living Foods’ was Marie’s raw vegan food company where she she supplied her goods to an organic cafe, ran pop up shops and had a stand at local Organic farmers markets.

Marie’s nourishment training is available on one to one workshops as well as group sessions.

Why not book a one to one or group session designed specifically for you.

You will enjoy learning new ideas and tips that you can bring to your own table so easily and you take the knowledge and skills you need to continue your health journey to optimum wellness.